The English Department at Chatsmore encourage you to enjoy language, write creatively, and feel confident about how you use and decode language.


By the end of your studies we want you to be able to write in a range of styles, and express yourself with confidence in spoken and written communication. We study diverse literature texts to encourage an enthusiasm for words. These texts are drawn from different forms of writing, and periods to help you to understand how writers express their thoughts and feelings. You might study Jane Eyre and Sherlock Holmes from the Victorian era, and The Hunger Games and Michael Morpurgo from the modern era. 

At KS3, you will begin with autobiographical life writing. We use Roald Dahl’s autobiography Boy to analyse how a writer crafts their texts, and then you construct your own. In each year of KS3 you will study a Shakespeare text, and a sample of poetry. To develop a personal voice, and express your opinions each year we analyse non-fiction texts such as: charity marketing, you then write your own persuasive texts. You will study a whole novel in each year of KS3. Our aim at Chatsmore is to challenge you through individual, paired and guided reading to read as many different texts as you can. Accelerated Reader helps you to track your reading progress. We want you to finish your learning with us as a reader.

On the GCSE course you study both Language and Literature skills. Our texts are: Blood Brothers (a modern play-text), A Christmas Carol (Victorian Literature), Macbeth (Shakespeare play-text), an anthology of ‘Power and Conflict’ poetry, Creative Writing and Persuasive Writing. A large part of the syllabus is learning to analyse skills for Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts from past and modern eras. Non-Fiction texts might include: Travelogues, Biographies, Newspaper articles or Reports. We also study a range of extracts from fiction texts to prepare students for their Language examination. These include (among others): Brighton Rock, Jamaica Inn, Carrie’s War and The Tell-Tale Heart.

The English Department is friendly and supportive. We will help you achieve your best. We offer challenge and support inside and outside of lessons. If you need extra help, we offer smaller class sizes, intervention and where available 1:1 sessions.