Key Stage 3 – ART

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Key Stage 4 – GCSE ART


Subject Exam Board Syllabus Number Practical Coursework Written Exam
GCSE Art AQA 8201 60% 40%

Is this the right subject for me?

Are you creative and dynamic? Are you good at working to deadlines and like a challenge? Do you enjoy creating your own artwork and experimenting with a variety of media and techniques? If so then Art could be for you!!

What do I need to know, or be able to do, before taking this course?

To be able to do well in Art you will need to possess the following attributes:-

  • Be able to work independently you will be expected to do at least 1 hours to 1 ½ hours homework a week. Tasks set for your homework support the work done in class and contribute towards your coursework grade.
  • Research other artists and attend exhibitions in your own time.
  • Draw confidently from observation
  • Be able to confidently express your own opinions about other artists work.
  • Enjoy producing your own work.


What will I learn?

This is a multi-disciplinary course. Candidates will be introduced to a variety of experiences exploring a range of two and three-dimensional media, techniques and processes including both traditional and new technologies. They will explore relevant images, artefacts and resources relating to a range of art, craft and design, from the past and present times, including European and non-European examples. The components are as follows:

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1 : Portfolio of work/ course work 60% of total mark Unit 2: Externally set task/ Exam (10 hours) – 40% of total mark
Students must produce a portfolio of work consisting of an extended project which demonstrate an ability to sustain work from initial starting points or project briefs to the realisation of intentions / final piece, including evidence of research, development of ideas and meaningful links with critical / contextual sources. This is a terminal exam in which candidates will be required to produce a personal response from one starting point within externally set paper. During the preparatory period, students are expected to produce research, preparatory and developmental work covering the four assessment objectives.   Candidates work during this period should be carried out under informal supervision. This will culminate in a 10 hour exam in which they will make their final piece.


What would this subject enable me to do when I leave Chatsmore Catholic High School?

You will be surprised at the amount of jobs that require GCSE Art or experience in the Arts. You will need to go on and do further qualifications at College or University in your chosen field and there are lots of great Arts courses in this area. Below are just some of the Jobs or careers you could choose from:

Writing/ Analytical Fashion/ Textiles Graphic Design Spatial Design Digital Multi- media
· Art curriculum writer

· Art Historian

· Arts administrator

· Arts and cultural planner

· Website owner or blogger

· Graphic novel author

· Fashion consultant

· Fashion designer

· Pattern maker

· Costume designer

· Textile designer

· Dress maker

· Advertising director

· Logo/ branding designer

· Sign writer

· Magazine layout artist

· Packaging designer

· Typographer

· Architect

· Landscape designer

· Urban designer

· Playground/golf course/theme park designer

· Interior designer

· Set or stage designer

· Animator

· Concept artist

· Digital 3D Modeller

· Mobile App designer

· Television/film director

· Camera Operator

· Special effects designer

· Video Game designer

3D product design Photography Fine Art Arranging and Display Organisation and management
· Industrial designer

· Toy designer

· Mock up artist

· Stained glass window designer

· Prop designer

· Food product designer

· Potter

· Jeweller

· Advertising photographer

· Fashion photographer

· Photo journalist

· Portrait photographer

· Wedding photographer

· Director of Photography

· Airbrush artist

· Architectural illustrator

· Graphic illustrator

· Textbook illustrator

· Cartoonist

· Special effect make up

· Tattoo artist


· Food stylist

· Floral arranger

· Display exhibition planner

· Gallery owner

· Museum curator

· Personal stylist


·     Art school teacher

· Art technician

· Private art instructor

· Art therapist

· Art dealer

· Artists agent

· Art supplies retail.

For more information, please consult:

If you want to find out more about this ART GCSE course then you can visit the AQA website You could also talk to Ms. Langley or Ms. Frances, email and they will be able to describe the course in detail and advise you of what you need to do next when it comes to your options.

If you want to find out more on what this subject can enable you to do, don’t forget Mrs Williams is available for career advice.