Mission Statement

The mission of Chatsmore Catholic High School is to help every individual to achieve the best that they can through giving witness to the way of life inspired by Christ and taught by his Church.

In our journey we aim:

      • To pray and worship together
      • To develop a happy community where we achieve and experience friendship and respect
      • To love, help and support individuals in learning and faith

So that each day we show that God is:

      • In our heads and in our understanding
      • In our eyes and in our looking
      • In our mouths and in our speaking
      • In our hearts and in our caring, for our friends and family

As we continue to build God’s kingdom.


Our School Ethos

The curriculum should offer to all of our students the opportunity to know God and to develop as Catholics with a strong faith underpinned by Gospel values which support their life choices and create lifelong learners with the skills, abilities and attitudes necessary to take an active part in a rapidly changing world.

Our curriculum will continually and coherently support the development of the School as a worshipping community where students take an active role in shaping the future of our School community and the community of the wider world. We want to create an exciting, vibrant and challenging learning community where expectations are high.The responsibility for learning rests with the learner.


British Values

pdficon_large   British Values