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Headteacher’s Welcome Message

I am extremely proud to introduce and welcome you to Chatsmore Catholic
High School.

Our aim is simple, we want to be the best school in the country. This means
that we can ‘hand on heart’ say that our students get a better deal than if
they attended another school.

For the last two years, the school has been on a rapid journey towards
outstanding. We were delighted that our GCSE results increased by 14%
despite the implementation of new tougher GCSEs. This year (2018-2019), our
results increased further with 79% of our students achieving a Grade 4
(equivalent to a C grade) or higher in English and 75% of students
achieving a Grade 4 or higher in Maths. In Science, 74% of students
achieved a Grade 4 or higher in at *least* two sciences with our triple
scientists achieving a 100% pass rate with the majority of these grades
being 7, 8 and 9s. Outcomes in every department increased with several of
our departments achieving a 100% pass rate at 4+. We were also delighted
that we had a record number of students achieving straight Grade 7, 8 and
9s (equivalent to A* or A grades) in every subject. One student achieved 11
Grade 9s, something that only 126 students out of 600,000 students in the
country managed to do. These results are an important first step but the
best is yet to come, we are confident that our future results will be even
more impressive.

In March 2018, we were judged by Ofsted as ‘Good’ in all categories. This
report is overwhelmingly positive about the journey the school has been on
for the last two years and confirms the staff, governors, students and
parents’ absolute commitment to reach ‘Outstanding’ within one year. This
was then confirmed in our Diocesan Section 48 Inspection in July 2019 which
judged the school as “Outstanding” in every category. This is a first for
the school and a proud moment in the school’s 60 year history. This is an
exciting time for the school and our recent success is already breeding
further success and aspiration.

As a Catholic School, Chatsmore is founded on Gospel values. We provide a
nurturing environment of love, respect and discipline, where every
individual is highly valued and our care and concern for others is central
to our mission. We expect our students to work hard, behave well, dress
smartly and pursue excellence in all that they do inside and outside of the
classroom. Our culture is one of high expectations in all that we do.

I now invite you to experience Chatsmore first-hand by having a tour of our
school and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Mr Byrne